A Message From C&C Founder Jay Baer

We're very proud and thankful to work with dozens of companies to help build their success. 

Historically, we've done that mostly through sponsorships (of our podcast, email, etc)  participating in webinars, and so forth.  

However, given that we have a truly world-class digital marketing consulting company that works with huge brands, we are expanding our portfolio of services to include:

  • Custom research 
  • Long-form thought leadership (we create and design your entire white paper or ebook)
  • B2B influencer programs
  • Management and creation of partner marketing and customer marketing assets
  • All in addition to the traditional marketing assets we have offered for over the last decade

Essentially, we now combine a leading digital strategy firm with an experienced B2B content marketing agency AND add the ability to generate leads directly via our email list, and the millions of marketers we reach each year on our site, podcast, and via our distribution partners.

Time to discuss your content needs? 

All New Programs For 2020

Click the images below to watch Jay briefly describe each in more detail.

Research Backed Thought Leadership

Using your research or conducting custom research through surveys, interviews or more, receive a fully vetted and analyzed eBook.

Long-Form Content Atomization

Creating a collection of smaller assets from a longer form thought leadership space is key to extending the life and attraction of your larger content piece. 


B2B Influencer Marketing Programs

For our larger clients, we invite and manage B2B marketing experts to  speak at events or to create online content on their behalf.

Partner & Customer Marketing Programs

Unlock the potential for your partners and customers to tell your story. Work with us to create custom one-time or ongoing training programs.

Top & Mid-Funnel Lead Gen

Webinars & Live Broadcasts

Typically 30-35 minutes of custom content and 15 minutes of live Q/A. Ability to use your registration page and platform of choice or host through C&C.

Webinines (9-Minute Webinars)

Nine minutes or less for marcom teams to learn something new! We use your branded template and develop a short slide presentation.

Single Subject EMails

The email itself is written personally by Jay Baer and includes information only about your offering (typically a webinar, research project, or similar).

Content Shows Creation & Production

Let's work together to concept & produce ongoing audio or video show including the scheduling, recording and post-production work. 

About Our Audience

The team members at C&C are matchmakers. We connect our audience of digital marketers and customer experience professionals with outstanding providers of software and services.

"We are seeing great engagement with the work we are doing together. I want to do this more and explore more options. Our database loves Jay. So I want to find more ways to work together. This is such good stuff. "

Kim Anchors
Director of Marketing - Lead Generation, SharpSpring

"Jay's webinines are brief but incredibly powerful. We consistently receive audience feedback that applauds both the fun, punchy format and the informative takeaways Jay manages to deliver in only 9 minutes. The webinines are a definite win for Vidyard!”"

Kim Koserski
Demand Generation, Vidyard

"Working with Jay and his team is flawless. Having partnered on a couple of multi-variable programs, Jay’s content always delivers on the objectives we set to achieve, in the timeline we need it to, and to the right people. It’s a no brainer to continue building our relationship with Jay through new projects year-over-year.”"

Samantha Hausler

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